Sunday, March 17, 2013

Diego Della Palma Neutral Palette Vs. Urban Decay

I finally caved in and bought an eyeshadow palette! However this is not your usual Urban Decay Naked palette which all of you are all so sick and tired of hearing about( at least I am) no ,this is THE neutral palette from Diego Della Palma. DDP is very famous here in Italy yet I still hadn't bought anything from his makeup line. I had been attracted to his eyeshadows for quite some time now but I never cracked down and bought any until yesterday when I layed my eyes on this little baby!! As soon as I saw it, it was yelling out my name...I normally don't like palettes however this one had all the elements I was looking for in a palette. Neutrals that are not only shimmery/sheeny but also mat .
Here they are. Starting from the left you have the shimmery/sheeny ones all the way to the last three ones on the right that are all mat. The texture is soft and very easy to work with and blends with practically no fall out what so ever. With just one swipe you get a very pigmented swatch except for the thrird and fourth starting from the right. They are just as good however they tend to be be slightly more sheerer than the others. In all I give it a 9. I see myself using these e/s on a daily basis and even vamping up my look for the evening. This palette is the perfect balance of textures and colors. They are all extremely wearable unlike other palettes. I also found and amazing color for filling my eyebrows (second from right)
Here in the below picture you can see an eye look using almost all the colors... I was playing around with the palette. I can't wait to make more tutorials with these gorgeous colors!

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