Sunday, October 14, 2012

Grace Kelly's Makeover

The inspiration!

The end result... Une merveille!!

The before!!! Grace has spent too much time working and not enough take care of herself!
Work in progress...
Tic tic tic toc....
And voilĂ !! Mademoiselle Grace is back to her original state ;-)

Some fun with my BFF Amanda

I gave Grace a modern bob many layers so that she can blow dry it on her own and a more natural warm color with some highlights showing through.

Aperitif anyone?

I took a peek into Grace's makeup kit and to my surprise she had some of the best products on the market! I used Lancome teint miracle a her foundation, benefit earase paste for concealer. On the cheeck some Nars illuminator(the dark one) And orgasm blush. On her fabulous eyes I used the Urban Decay naked Palette! It was my first time using it! And finally finally lips the YSL rouge velupté in 2

Me and the City girl!

I think this picture sums it all! She is ready for Paris !!!