Friday, April 12, 2013

La Bottega Gentile Authentic Italian Style in the South of Italy

 Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting one of the most interesting shops I have seen in the area where I live in a long long time. The shop is in the gorgeous little town of Martina FrancaApulia and it's called La Bottega Gentile . The shop is a mix of carefully chosen one of a kind pieces from brands such as Porselli , the well known ballerina shop next to La Scala in the centre of Milan . Porselli is now making spledid handmade ballerinas also available to the public together with other models such as anckle boots. The owners of the shop were quick to capture the simple yet unique style of Porselli and insert it in their store. Everything in La Bottega Gentile is carfully chosen to represent a specific and unique Italian style made by excellent artisanship . The beauty about this shop is that each piece is singular.  The owners buy one to two pieces per  item. You can be sure to be be original in one of their outfits. They also have handmade jewelry which is made by the owner herself. The shop offers everything from formal dresses , everyday casual clothes all the way to accessories.

 Each piece of clothing is easily interchangeable with other pieces in the shop as to create uncomparable and modern looks.

 Singular handmade jewelry
 The shop is situated in the heart of Martina Franca which is to me is one of the most luminous and gorgeous towns in Puglia . I have taken some shots of the city center here below. What is most spectacular here in Apulia and mostly in La Valle D'itria is the blinding white light reflected from the white buildings which creates a sharp and crisp contrast with the bright blue sky.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I loved all the store and the city.
    I was delighted with the selection of the store. Exactly my style. Would use everything, including shoes and accessories, except the flowery dresses. I'm not much of use patterns.
    The city is charming! The light and the contrast between the white and blue brought me beautiful memories of the Greek islands.
    Wonderful post!
    Maria Ester

    1. Ciao Maria! I am happy you liked the shop and most of all the gorgeouus town of Martina Franca! You are very right the bright light is exactle the same one as you see in Greece!! xoxoxo

  2. Oh yes!
    Let's go Giada, looks like a little taste of Parisienne CityGirl chic in the heart of Puglia.

    Grace x

    1. It's lovely Grace, I think by wearing there clothes you would get an original and singular style that no one else has around ;-)