Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Hair Evolution

Six Months Ago...
 I ruthlessly chopped off my gorgeous hair and never looked back! Do I regret it? Do I miss my long hair? Yes I do !!!! I know it's just hair but you don't miss something until you've parted with it. I
actually don't regret it but I do miss it. I think I needed to get it out of my system and so I did. I now know that I am very good at cutting hair since I have done it on myself. This below is the evolution of my hair in all it's glamorous changes! I must warn you that once you go short there is nothing holding you back from cutting it even shorter and playing around with it...that is what I did by dying it blonde then to black and now back to blonde. I've always very happy the the various haircurts and hair dyes and have given myself throughout the year except to the last mishap when I mistakenly went to the hairdresser's and asked for a even shorter haircut and some highlights! Bad decision, from now on I am sticking to my natural hair color and growing it out.

                       This above picture was taken at the hairdresser's... What I had done still hadn't hit me!
This is the last of the hairstyles that I have come up with in order to same the unsavable. No worries I am sure I will modify it some more until I am content ;-)
Need to go back to THIS!!!

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  1. You look gorgeous in all photos, specially in dark short hair (very french lol) but I understand your regrets.
    Maria Ester