Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ki Shoe Store in Taranto

These pictures were taken with my new Canon EOS 600D at my favorite shop in town...KI...I generally buy all of my accessories there.
This purse is from Campomaggi ... deninately on my wishlist
What I love about this picture are the colors...
I would never buy this because it is not practical at all but I had to take a picture of this purse for its originality
I have also been eying these boots for quite some time now but I afraid they are just not my style... This store has a capacity to get me in trouble with purchases that I normally would not buy
Pedro Garcia in the below picture

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Desserts

Torrone e Fichi Secchi
Fresh Fruit and Wine
I'm trying out the new Max Factor Smooth Effect Foundation in 45creamy Ivory...I love it!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ellis Faas e/s dupe Lights 305

This is my all time favorite color from the Ellis Faas lights e/s in 305. My objective was not to make it look exactly the same as I find it a tad too shimmery for us ordinary people! Daisy from Daisynation sent me this amazing loose pigment from Jessey's girl and I immediately fell in loooooveee! I didn't want to use it on it's own so I decided to come up with a suttle way of applying it in order for the e/s to work for me. As soon as I finished the look I was surprised to find a huge similarity to the Ellis Faas lights eyeshadows that I so fell on love with 2 weeks before. I guess it was just meant to be...
I took pictures of all the products used in the tutorial. This cream e/s on the bottom left right corner was taken from a Avon palette called the Lace palette but you can use which ever cream color you desire. The one above it is another cream color but it is extra shimmery. I applied the shimmery color to my inner color. The color was taken from a Tigi Bed Head palette
  • Mac: CCB in Mid tone Sepia,MSFN in Medium,MSF in soft and Gentle.
  • Guerlain Perles Météorites Primer
  • Lorac Luminizer in L1
  • Loréeal MatMorphose in 200 beige apricot
  • Collection 2000 concealer in light
  • Jessey's girl Eye Dust
  • Shiseido cream e/s in H9
Stila e7S in Cocoa
  • Armani Eyes to Kill waterproof Mascara
  • Victoria's Secret Mega Makeup Kit lip color palette
  •  Yves Rocher Nacres Roses loose e/s pigments
  • Tige Bed Head Big Fat Fun eyeliner in Smudgie Brown
  • Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Exotic Bronzer(LE)
  • Chanel Lash curler
  • Chanel Kabuki brush
  • Zoeva Buffer brush 
  • Yves Rocher crease brush
  • Mac 224 fluffy brush
  • Crown Brushes (no numbers)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Party at Dipierro's

 This is Paola and her husband Lorenzo DIPIERRO. They are the owners of this fashion forward shop in Taranto but they are also  my wonderful and amazing students!! They are the nicest people ever. I love their style and I also appreciate the hard work that they put in everything they do. Last night I went to a sort of wine and cheese at their store only to forget my new Canon eos 600d!! Argh!! I though managed to take pics of my favorite items with my iPhone ...Hope you enjoy...

This bordeaux color was the perfect shade for a leather purse and Tartan jacket paired up with some Uggs

 Stella Mccartney's bag were the highlight of the show! Of course these pics don't do them justice...They are on my wish list!!
  I especially liked the details on the shirt
 Leopard Tory Burch ballerinas, Mulberry and Givenchy bags...Warm colored leather...Need I say more?

 I had to make a collage of these perfumes which I had never heard of...
 There was a whole section dedicated to color, innovative textures and materials
 Joan Jett gone bling bling!! lol...I love me some good old studs and rhinestones
 This sales assistant was so cute with her moccasins and pretty lace dress
 This was one of my favorite pieces in the store...I especially loved the broaches which reminded me of my Angela Caputi ones
Some festive colors were also present in this magnificent event...Please visit their website, you will find what Italian fashion is all about dipierro

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Desk and a few other things

So last Sunday I found the perfect old kitchen table at a local market. You might say, what does she want to do with it??? Well, why not make it into a desk??
 First I gave it a first layer of paint. The paint I use is a satin finigh with a antiqued feel
The top and the drawers were painted a ivory color...The last touch was to sand paper this baby to gove it a even more antiqued look
And voila'!!! This is my desk and my new Mac computer! Next time I will show my long awaited Canon EOS 600D