Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ki Shoe Store in Taranto

These pictures were taken with my new Canon EOS 600D at my favorite shop in town...KI...I generally buy all of my accessories there.
This purse is from Campomaggi ... deninately on my wishlist
What I love about this picture are the colors...
I would never buy this because it is not practical at all but I had to take a picture of this purse for its originality
I have also been eying these boots for quite some time now but I afraid they are just not my style... This store has a capacity to get me in trouble with purchases that I normally would not buy
Pedro Garcia in the below picture

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  1. My god this store is a ruin. Beautiful selection. It made me salivating. lOL

    I hope you get well soon.

    I had a nice and hot Christmas with my family in Rio. But I was away from the computer. Now I'm back to São Paulo.

    Honey I read your votes in the post below. I wish the same for you. A wonderful 2012 with lots of love.
    Thanks for all the beautiful videos that you posted during this year, for all great tips and for sharing so generously a litlle bit for your life with us. As well as your impeccable taste!
    I'm learned a lot with you. THANK YOU!

    Big kiss from your virtual friend that is so far but likes you very much.
    Maria Ester.