Saturday, January 21, 2012

Work Station and Inspirational Boards

 Love orangish blondish hair, red lipstick and pink flowers,orange and pink accessories together with a light blue crisp shirt! So inspirational...almost forgot...Wayfair Raybans! A must...
 Pat Macgrath and her Dolce and Gabbana swatches...Miuccia Prada and her pastel colors for the next season...I am obssed with those glitter and orange shoes

 My work space has become my little oasis of pleasure...Since I am a neat freak I always try to keep it neat so as the colors and the message from the inspirational board show through and they that don't get swallowed up by stuff on my desk
 What I really adore is the Celine add campain...clean and crisp... Right under the Celine Adds is my idol... Carla Sozzani.
Glasses are by Romeo Gigli and the pen is my trusty Mont Blanc
 I can proudly say that I have done all of the old looking worn down effects myself...I love a rustic country French feeling


  1. I love your workstation!! I need to organize mine like this. It's very inspiring!

    1. Thank you so much Tracy! I hope this has given you some inspiration to organize ;-) lol ...xoxo

  2. LOVE your work station!!! The desk and chair are just GORGEOUS!! :)