Sunday, January 29, 2012

My New Jamin Puech Bag

I'm happy to finally be able to share with you my second Jamin Puech bag.
I chose this specific one because of the shape and the color. Their bags are hang made and can take up to four days to make one. What I most love about the brand is the carefully chosen details. Each piece is unique and has a life of its own.
One must not forgot to carefully look inside where it's just as precious as the ouside. To me prints are very important...I am especially finicky when it comes to color and design having worked in textile design my prints have to be to my liking otherwise I simply don't buy it.
Isabelle and Benoit have certainly hooked me on their bags! They capture what to me is THE French style
The bag is extremely soft and lightweight...perfect for women like me who fill up their purses with all kinds of things


  1. Hi Giada, your new bag is gorgeous!! Love the detail and texture of the leather. Looks very supple. You having me wanting a Jamin Puech bag. By the way, I have another set of goods going out to you :D

    1. Ciao swettie!! I'm glad you liked the bag...You should check out the link and take a look at their amazing talent :-)
      More goodies for me???? :-))))) wow I can't wait!!!

  2. First; LOVELY photos!
    I simply fall in love with your bag cara. lol.
    The richness of the dark brown, the texture, details, at last ALL.
    We both have a very similar taste. Like you, I prefer original pieces instead to have, for example, an LV bag that in many models is not all leather, and that everyone has. But it seems that many women appreciate just that, right?
    I was also delighted with the liner and dust bag patterns and colors. Reminds me a lot op-art works.
    Love the wallet too. I'm a fan of metallic satin. I used a lot in the summer a bag with this type of rose gold finishing.
    Big kiss and thanks again for all the care.
    Maria Ester