Sunday, October 16, 2011

Autunn Must haves and new purchases

                                                  Shoes are by Aldo Castagna

                                          This Paisley scarf is by The Blue Turban Style number 9207


  1. Beautiful pump! And sexy!lol
    But i really love the paisley scarf. By the way, paisley is my favorite print. The organic forms mixed with the variety of colours please me very much. Here the heat is coming slowly. For while it is nice, since it rains a lot in the spring.
    But I already started my shopping for summer: a beautiful caramel and orange bag and 2 sandals one nude and other orange. Oh! and 1 more turquoise necklace! I can not resist.
    Baci, Maria Ester.

  2. You have such great taste! Love your new acquisitions!

  3. Your style is flawless, Giada! Love it! And am really excited for more of your blog posts:), xxx, Karine.

  4. I love them all. I wish I could come over to Italy just to shop. I know I would treasure having such beautifully made items. True investment pieces. Your hair is so lovely and love. I love the bangs.
    AnimalRescueGeek on YouTube

  5. Hi Giada
    Your blog looks wonderful. I like the artistic script! There is no more beautiful shoe than a divinely crafted and styled leather pump!

  6. Ciao girls! Thank you all for leaving a comment and checking out my blog! I don't know if I can reply to you individually... I will have to look into that... Lot's more posts to come ladies, you will love them ;-) xoxox