Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Di favorite shop in town

My favorite shop
Check out some of my favorite brands on Di Pierro's website. They also have an online shop.

Here is Di Pierro's Facebook page:

I have dowloaded some pictures some pictures which you can also find on their are a few...

                This is Stella Maccartney's most famous purse topped with what is one of my favorite pieces...patent leather moccasins!
 I aslo also enjoy buying ankle boots...these are particular because of their wodden soles
 I particularly love the heel on this one and the color combination...To me grey/taupe and black are always my go to colors

 I wanted to end with this splendid ankle boot...The zipper detail on the back makes this a statement piece!!


  1. Impeccable selection as always. Our taste is very similar; would buy any of these items.
    Absolutely love greige/taupé with black. But the uncle boot with the zipper is amazing.
    Thankfully this shop is not close to my house lol
    Maria Ester

  2. So happy you liked my choices! Well you know what? they sell online!!! hahaha too bad for you ;-) Don't worry i will post other wonderful items so that we can drool a bit xoxox

  3. True works of art. All very lovely. Thanks for sharing.

    AnimalRescueGeek from YouTube