Saturday, May 4, 2013

My TOPFLOOR Online Store

Hello ladies and welcome to my online store . I was contacted by TOPFLOOR an Santa Monica based e-commerce company which asked me if I wanted to create my very own online store. How could I refuse! I thought to myself," I can finally help all of my viewers find and purchase all of the products that I reccomend without the hassle of going through endless numbers of websites"
How it works is really simple. You go to my store web page link and you search for your desired item or the product reccomend by me on my video, then you simply click on it in order to get more info about that product and then if you want to buy it you simply click on the the buy it button and topfloor will automatically send you to the website where you can purchase the item. It is really easy , fast and this way you all will have the possibility to check out and be updated on all of my must have products!YOu will also have the chance to understand my style for clothes and jewels. I found this to be the perfect idea for YOU my viewers.
I still have many items and products to add to the list but I am sure that I will fill up my store in no time. All right guys let the easy shopping begin :-) Enjoy it xoxox

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  1. If business opportunity knocks, we should grab it. Glad to hear that you did. Why limit yourself to recommending products when you yourself can give it to them. You're already making effort and you're followers are liking it, so why not make some money out of it. You get to help people and do business at the same time. How's the business now so far, by the way? I hope that this is a beginning of something big. Good luck!

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