Friday, April 5, 2013

Avène Micellar lotion

After seeing Lisa Eldridge post a picture of Avène's Micellar water on her Instagram page saying she was really loving this product, I of course, had to rush out and purchase it as though my life depended on it! Sometimes the pharmacist where I buy my skincare from must think I have serious issues :-) Like many women in the  beauty community I use the Bioderma Sensibio H2o micellar water...I find it to be a top product and a must in my skincare routine but as many of us are (curious) I was dying to try something different and ditch the Bioderma...well that did not happen!
The Avène micellar water is an excellent product don't get me wrong, however there are some things to get used too. It removes makeup very efficiently leaving you skin feeling moisturized and has a baby powder smell ( many don't like) and since it is more emolient than the Bioderma it leaves a slight film like texture on my skin which I don't really like seeing as this should be a water like consistency. It is also good at removing eye makeup however if too much gets in my eyes it stings! The Bioderma has never given me that problem. 
This bottle is a 200 ml and I believe it's the largest bottle that it comes in whereas with Bioderma also comes in a 500ml bottle and has the same price as the Avène 200 ml ( around 15 euros)
I don't think I would re purchase this for the reasons stated above however I do think it's a good product just not the best.

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