Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Favourite Lip Combo of the Moment

This is by far one of my favourite lip combo. It all started with the new addition; YSL lip gloss in 19, I got that for my Bday back in October. Ysl lip glosses are some of the classiest colors and divine consistancy I have ever seen and felt. When I the gloss I combined it with one of my fav nude Ysl lippies; Sensusal Silk. The only problem with the Rouge Velupté lippies is that they way too creamy and smooth! I know it kind of is a contradiction as they should be loved and indeed they are however they are so silky that they slip right off my lips after 5 minutes! In order for them to stay I have to apply a lip liner and at the moment one of my favourite lip liners are the Pupa ones especially the number 3.
As you can see from the above picture the color combo in spectacular however I should have worked in the lipstick better before applying the gloss. Of course the fact that is camera picks up every little single tiniest detail doesn't really help. Gosh!
I simply adore the YSl packaging! It's so feminine.

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