Sunday, November 27, 2011

My new Le Solim Handbag and Lola Cruz Shoes

 As you know I am a huge fan of the Le Solim brand and once again here is a splended example of Italian design and material. I bought this purse in a store here in Taranto called -KI 
I paid the bag 300 euros! I know it's a lot but the quality and the material is money well spent I can asure you

 The sides of the purse are made of leather wereas the front and the back is made of "cavallino" which I believe that in English it's called Pony hair
 As you can see the inside is EXTREMELY spacious,it has pockets and a pouch for my Iphone
 These suade ankle boots are the perfect style for my winter days
 I wore them today going shopping in Bari , all day long...They were so very comfortable. The heel is the perfect hight


  1. You such great taste!! Love that bag and those shoes are to die for!

  2. I'm obsessed with this bag darling.
    And Thanks a lot for your mention in the video. Funny how we bond with people who become dear to us without ever found. Sometimes I wonder, too: Giada would like this piece.
    This week was a really different necklace with beautiful stones from a brazilian designer Camila Klein. The site is under construction but in this blog you can see better the spring/summer colection.

    I have the ring of the Koralle line. The double, gold, that is in the fifth line with crystals.

    Bacione, Maria Ester.

  3. Thank you yo both for your comments. It's true Maria Ester, I have bonded more with you than with some of my friends here in town :-) I checked out those jewelry websites...divine!! So so pretty! Excellent choice of ring ;-)

  4. LOVE LOVE the bag!!! I swear...when tourists come to Croatia I can always pick out the Italians...they always look so darn effortless style!! :) That bag is so my style!! :)