Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Roman Holiday

 Hello ladies ! It's been a while I haven't posted but as you can see I've been quite a busy woman... Last weekend I had the chance to work with the inspirational Grace Kelly creator and founder of City Girl Confidence for The Audrey Hepburn Experience. Grace and I decided to shoot her pictures in the most folkloristic streets of Roma where we wanted to capture the essence of  the Roman lifestyle. As usual Grace was a delight to work with both for styling and photographing... She has an innate elegance and is a natural in from of the camera. Both Grace and I will be back in Rome on Octobre 4th through 6 th to work with other clients on The Audrey Hepburn Experience. There is one more space available so if you are interested in Grace's work and getting a makeover and photoshoot with me check out our websites : City Girl Confidence and Noblesse Oblige Beauty . Here are some shots of Grace in the most spectacular and romantic streets of ROMA !!!


  1. Love it!
    The atmosphere, the choice of costumes, everything! Grace Kelly is gorgeous in the photos. Your sharp eye and your taste are in this photoshoot as a mark. Great job. Congratulations to both.
    Maria Ester

    1. Grazieeee !! it was an amazing experience for me. Rome is always so inspirational...I can't wait to go back on the 4th of Oct and work with more amazing women. Thanks for the support maria :-) xoxoxo