Monday, April 22, 2013

Uptown Girl

 Once again I was able to collaborate with the lovely Grace Kelly from CityGirlConfience . This time Grace was getting ready to go to California. She told me that she wanted change but at the same time she needed to feel comfortable with her look. It is so refreshing when my clients are open minded and don't feel the need to follow trends. I think that creating a look for a woman ( or man ) has to be in tune with her character and lifestyle . Instead of looking at trends and fashion for inspiration I tend to look at the person I have in front of me and I try to bring out her beauty and potential so that she feels comfortable having that look on an everyday basis...I cut hair the same way I create a sculpture or a painting. As you can see above Grace has a long shaped face and her lower facial features tend to get hidden behind her hair. The cut I gave her was carefully sculpted to suit her face and enhance her beauty.
 Here below you can see Grace with side swept bangs. She did not feel comfortable with this    style as it wasn’t very practical . We then opted for a blunter bang which defined even more her bone structure.

 For makeup I wanted to use Grace's makeup so that she was able to duplicate the look herself using her very own makeup. I wanted to simply enhance Grace's facial features not only by sculpting her hair but also by conturing her face so that she was able to get a more defined bone structure.On her face I used her MUFE Matte Velvet Plus Foundation and blended it out with a Beauty Blender. As concealer I used her Mac Mineral Concealer and over it her YSL Touche Eclat ( a divine product)  The hollows of her cheeks were sculpted with Mac CCB in Midtone Sepia (the only product that was mine) ans for blush I went for a cream blush by MAc called Posey. On the lips I was so happy to use one of the new lipstick from the 50's dream Miss Pupa Collection in 205. This coral color on the lips was a perfect way to close this California look.

 Please visit Grace Kelly's website here The lovely Grace assists women in transforming their careers by getting them clear on their purpose and developing their unique brand. She will be in California until May 5th so if you're in the area and are interested in her services please get n contact with her.

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