Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Thinnest Foundation in the World

Hi guys! I'm back with some reviews an rants. This is my all time favorite foundation! I got the idea from Enkore Makeup . He is a master at the DIY as far as makeup is concerned. I had some left over Bare Minerals foundation that I was tired of using due to the constant need to buff and buff. I watched some videos on what to do with mineral foundation and found out that it can be mixed in with any mixing medium. All you need is a mixing medium i.e. Mac or Kiko (cheaper) , some left over or new mineral foundation (I used Bare Minerals in Light and Fairly Light) Divide the bottle into 4 equal parts and you are ready to start. 1/4 is mineral foundation and the rest is all mixing medium (3/4) Make sure to shake very well beore you apply it. I use a real techniques buffing brush or the Sephora 55 airbrush foundation brush. This foundation is thin as water and immediately dries. It feels like my second skin. For more details check my video on YT (it's uploading now)
And Voilà !

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