Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Inspirational Boards

 Just about every month I update my inspirational board over my work station. This month with spring coming and all I was really attracted to colors but mostly neutrals with accents/splashes of colors. This board above is my favourite one, starting with the makeup...deep red lips and soft face makeup  with a hint of 40's inspiration or pink satin lips with blue eyebrows, odd but very attractive combo...After the makeup what stands out the most is that necklace! I adore the casual/nautical string combined with the heaven golden bull figure. They paired it up with a jacket in heavy cotton a bit nautical style...and you know how much I love my nautical style. Then right next to it another jacket , more classic, paired up with a simple T-shirt and elegant earings. I looove to mix styles,I find it so interesting. The bottom pictures are also something close to my heart. Moccasins with tassles,wow amazing colors too! Everything screams beauty in the Fratelli Rosetti ad! The shoes ,the wide legged pants and the blouse. The picture next to it is by HERMES, my most liked brand...I chose this picture because the model is standing on a gigantic olive tree...tomorrow I will go to my farm house here in Puglia where I too have about 600 of these trees. Each tree tells a story and is part of my family(and is part of me). Of course I will take along my Canon eos and take pictures. I have been waiting for this moment for a while as I adore my land. I can't wait to share with you the grandeur that these trees represent.
 Must Have this necklace...maybe I will make the one I made 2 summers ago....should remember to post a picture of it!!
 Totally my style
 These next two boards are full of colors actually two main colors...yellow and all shades of dusty blue and mint green on a beige neutral backgroung. I adore everything about these pictures...the bright yellow leather bag together with those amazing stitched pumps, how elegant! but at the same time fresh and new! And the Mocassins in the below pic...omg how divine! Baby blue and white, perfect for a spring Easter  afternoon.

 Another color combo that I love is grey and coral like in this picture too you can see how they mix the classy polished style of the purse with the more edgy sneaker...all set over that wonderful wallpaper
 As you know another obsession of mine is foundation...I would love love love to try all of the foundation in the picture...The one I've been drooling over the most though is the Skinleya anti-aging foundation...I tried a sample once and it was like gold for my skin.(so was the price) I really want to make that step and invest in a foundation that also nourishes my skin and doesn't only cover it and suffocate it. This will not be the end of it I promise...I am on a mission ;-) lol

 Lastly these next pictures are of the special Io Donna issue(it comes with the Corriere Della Sera) which I believe comes out twice a year...A must for me. Here you can find all the latest cool shops are clothes and must haves of the season. What I most like about the issue is the cover. I think the artist does an amazing job in choosing colors and making it light and interesting...To me it's a true piece of art work and it makes me want to buy the issue each time it comes out!
Happy Easter everyone

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