Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Current Skincare Routine

Hello ladies! I finally got round to doing my skincare routine video. For months now I have been using the same skincare routine with excellent results. Prior to this routine I was using Skin Ceuticals. All of their products are extremely expensive but effective. They did not cause any sort of problems to my skin. They resulted as being gentle on my sensitive skin. My favorite products were the two serums. I had to stop using these products however because they did not get rid of my cystic acne. The Skin Ceuticals saleswoman had warmed me about that possibility so I soon consulted a dermatologist and changed routine. Here is a list of all of my SC products with a mark on a scale of 10

  • Equalizing Toner: 8
  • Simply Clean pore refining gel cleanser : 6
  • Clarifying Clay Mask : 9
  • Serum 10 : 10
  • Blemish Age Defense 7

When I contacted my derm she gave me a list of what to get and how to use it.  This was her e-mail in Itailan:

Per i primi 15 giorni a sere alterne:
- Mask plus (stendere un leggero velo, all'inizio può dare arrossamenti e desquamazione)
- Micronorm 5%
poi tutte le sere solo
- Mask plus

Detergere sempre il viso la mattina con Gram gel detergente (o simili tipo Cleanance o Hyseac, da comprare in farmacia)
Idratare sempre il viso la mattina con Gram crema idratante (o simili tipo Clean AC o Hyseac, da comprare in farmacia)
se non c'è nessun miglioramento dopo 2 settimana cominciare
- Tetralysal 300 mg 1 cp/la mattina per 12 settimane
I  must say that this regime has had way better results that Skin Ceuticals for only 55 euros whereas one SC serum is 65 euros!! My favourite products from this regime is the Mask Plus!! I give it a 10. This has substituted Retin A. My skin was too delicate for retin A and I was using wrongly I guess. Another 10 for me is the Micronorm glycolic peel which I no longer use every other week but twice or once a week depending of how bad my cystic acne is.

The picture of the products above are what I have added to the regime. If Can't use the Hyséac Gel cleanser I use the Cetaphil bar of soap(  I give it 10) and on really bad days the Dermalogica overnight clearing gel saves my LIFE!! It's very effective if layered all over the problem areas. For my eye contour I am using Roc anti wrinkle retin OX (I give it a 9) it stings but it sure works. I actually preferred the SC eye balm but that is way too expensive.
Lastly the only thing that has improved my skin is pure sweet almond oil! I've been using it on my boby for ages and now I use it on my face combined with mask plus and it has almost cleared my cytic acne. I can't say say enough wonderful things about almond oil. I normally use it at night as sometimes it is too much to use it in the morning so on those days I opt for Embryolisse over my La Roche Posey Anthelios AC spf 30 for sensitive skin
Lastly I use the Sigma brush cleanser which is totally not like the Clarisonic (which by the way I don't own) however if I use it one or twice a week, with a very light hand, I get great results and it regenerates and smooths my skin
Here is a list of all links:

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  1. Hi your blog, you are the first italian i "met" with such a beautiful english :) . can you advice me where you bought the skinceuticals products and how much the mask was? thanks so much...
    by the way i don't wear foundation as well and you totally have to try chantecaille just skin! too good :) have a good one...rèka