Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hilde Soliani...Follow her nose!!

Here is where you can find Hilde's perfumes : 
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Hilde's bottles are made of glass and hand painted. They are in oval shape, similar to a flower petal.The design on the box is taken from one of Hilde's painting. Hilde's name is signed on the bottle with an elegant calligraphy.
Hilde wants to bring her contemporary art to everyday life
This is how I feel when I wear Hilde's Perfumes
Yuuummm!! Doesn't this make you want to have tea and cupcakes??
Hilde loves sweet. She is used to order any pie from the menu list but last December in one of the most trendy restaurants in Milan she fell in love with a custard cream with cherry flavoured leaves of tabacco pipe
The freshness of a salty kiss inebriated from the kindness of Jasmine perfume. The inspiration is taken from a dish prepared by Claudio Sadler ,world famous chef
One of her preferred pre-desserts are the petals of Damascena Rose picked early in the morning from her garden covered of softcocoa of Indonesia
Salissimo is one of my favs!! So salty
One of Hilde's favorites to close a meal is a fronzen herbal tea of lime and ginger slices
Her grandmother's liqueur, nose of the high-class in Parma: Infusion of Italian basil leaves and Brazilian cocoa bitter cream 


  1. For me the connection between perfume and food is perfect. And the packaging!
    Precious! I died!!!
    Baci,Maria Ester.

  2. Grazie friend! I really think you would love them. They are not your tipical ordinary perfumes. BTW I'm trying to upload my video on YT but I'm having some problems :-/

  3. I'm so intrigued to try these perfumes, love the packaging!!