Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wedding Makeup Take 2

                                                  CHANEL  VITA LUMIERE AS FOUNDATION
                                               GIVENCHY'S POETIC BROWN EYESHADOW
                                                       A LIGHT LUMINOUS CORAL FINSH
                                                    YSL PEACH PASSION LIPSTICK


  1. Ciao Bella,

    Her skin looks beautiful and dewy and will be perfect for her wedding.

    For me, but maybe its just me.. I don't know.. but I love her eye look in the first photos and her lips in this photo.. ha ha ha. For her wedding.. I'm afraid that in photos her make up must be a bit stronger around the eye area... but that just might be me. But her lips are perfect here, they are noticeable and balancing out her look.

    She is a beautiful lady, I think she got more of a tan.. ha ha.. and she will make one beautiful Bride..I'm very sure of that. Congratulations to the Bride to be!! When is her Special Day?

    Have a really great day!!

    Hugs & Kisses,